In a recent blog post by W-Systems, an Elite SugarCRM Partner, the W-Systems team shows a great example of how to create a custom field type in Sugar 7 that allows you to place specially formatted text within a view.

This loadable module creates a new field type that allows you to format specific text on a record view to make it more noticeable to the reader. For instance if you want to bring special instructions or alerts to the record reader you may want to increase the text font size, change the font color or font background.

This custom field type is a great way to place in-line notifications on the Sugar 7 user interface.  You can also add as many as you want to the same view via Sugar Studio as you can see in the screenshot below.

Example of the custom field showing formatted text on a Sugar 7 Record View

Example of custom field showing formatted text on a Sugar 7 Record View

Custom fields allow Sugar Developers to get a lot of mileage out of a little work.  Developers focused on CRM implementations or who rely on the help of non-programmers to do Sugar administration and configuration should think about how they can use custom field types to get their projects done faster while using less code.

Head over to the W-Systems blog to find out more and try out this package for yourself!  I did have to turn display_errors off in my php.ini when I tried it out in my Sugar 7.5.2 dev environment.  Otherwise I couldn’t create the new fields.

The UnCon presentations along with all the other code and notes collected during UnCon are now available in the UnCon Github repository.

Check it out today and catch up on anything that you may have missed!

The next SugarCon will be in June 2016 at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco!

We hope to see all the same faces and many more new ones at our next UnCon at SugarCon next year!

Thanks again to everyone who was at SugarCon UnCon!  I think we really took our UnCon to a whole new level this year and I was very happy to see it happen!  It was really satisfying to see everybody wearing their UnCon hoodies at the SugarCon after parties too.  :-)

Matt, I wasn’t able to attend all the sessions!  Where can I get at the slides?

I got that question all the time at UnCon.  Don’t worry guys!  We’ve got this.

I’m working on collecting the slides, source code, notes and any other materials produced for UnCon by the Sugar Engineering team and the Sugar Developer community.

Once I’ve got all the materials together and it’s ready to share, you guys will be the first to know!  Stay tuned.

UnCon 2015 Update!

Matthew Marum —  April 22, 2015 — Leave a comment

We had a great first day at SugarCon UnCon!

Initial feedback has been very positive.  Lots of great discussions between Sugar Engineers, Sugar Partners, and Sugar Customers.

Today is the 2nd day of UnCon and it has a packed schedule!

Come down to Plaza B today to learn more about Sugar 6 to 7 Migration, SugarCRM Mobile SDK, Sugar Logic, Shadow, and Process Author!

See below for some candid snapshots from yesterday’s UnCon.

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Sugar Developers!

Want to get a head start on your SugarCon UnCon experience?

The UnCon roundtable schedule and Github repository are now live!

The UnCon roundtable schedule is currently preliminary.  The final schedule gets set by the audience at the start of UnCon.  However, this document will be edited to become the master schedule for roundtable discussions at UnCon, so go ahead and bookmark it!

The UnCon Github repository contains all the resources that Sugar Engineering has put together for our hackathon.  We’ll still be adding things up until the last minute but now is a good time to get a head start on setting up your development environment or checking out some projects.

See you guys in Plaza B!

Many Sugar Developers are looking to build intelligent API integrations with Sugar that goes beyond Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) operations.  The key to building robust and intelligent API integrations with Sugar is held within the Sugar Metadata.

Sometime it is interesting to understand what dependent dropdowns exist on any given Sugar module.  A common use case would be to display appropriate UI with properly populated drop down lists to end users of an integration with Sugar 7.

Example Dependent Dropdown

Example Dependent Dropdown

If you don’t have the dependent dropdown formula then you are stuck guessing at what options are available or showing the user the full list of options when only a subset of them are valid choices.  The key for addressing these user experience concerns and for anybody else wanting to take their Sugar API integration to the next level is the Sugar Metadata API.

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So what does Sugar Engineering have planned for the Hackathon?

The Hackathon will be informal and will run at the same time as the Roundtables in a separate part of the UnCon space.  The Hackathon space will be a lounge atmosphere with couches, beverages, food, etc.  People can work on whatever they want to but we’ll have planned projects lined up and a crowd of Sugar Engineers ready and willing to help out with anything you’re working on.  Whether that’s helping you get a local Sugar development environment setup, help you troubleshoot some problems, or design a fancy CRM implementation or integration with another application.

The only prize for Sugar Developers at the Hackathon is knowledge (meaning there will be no “winner”).  But if a Sugar Developer creates a project or prototype and stands up and presents it at the end of UnCon then they’ll also get a coveted SugarCRM UnCon hoodie.

You know you want it.

Limited Edition.  You know you want this.

However, we’ve done some homework and prepared some projects that you can work.  We’re in the process of creating a public GitHub repository with the UnCon materials included.  So it’s a good idea to create a GitHub account if you haven’t yet already.

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