There are plenty of smart developers out there in Sugarland

sugarcrmdevelopers —  November 16, 2007 — Leave a comment

Susie has a photo blog entry below of the last day of the SI Bootcamp we held over the past several days. The final day was the Hands on Lab day where each participant worked their way through a series of labs that resulted in a full-blown Staffing Application.

When you build these types of programs you never really know how deep to go. You don’t want to overwhelm newbies but you don’t want to bore the pros. So our labs mixed step-by-step tasks with lots of room and time for creativity and “extra credit”.

Well, it turns out that the participants blasted through the topics in rapid succession and several of them went well beyond the coursework requirements. It was exciting to see the depth of Sugar technical expertise these folks possessed.

In case you’re curious the labs consisted of the following:

Lab 1: Create and relate new Requsitions and Candidates modules

Lab 2: Create a Question Library that contains questions for a given Requisition, and relate the two.

Lab 3: Add an Employee selection field to Candidates, specifying an employee referral

Lab 4: Build Reports and Workflow

Lab 5: Build a Web-to-Candidate portal, allowing anyone interested in a job to post their information

Lab 6: Build business hooks to audit activities (e.g., government compliance), dynamically calculate a field, and build a Dashlet.

Many participants were done by noon and went on to implement a resume upload capability on the portal, and more. Overall, it looks like Release 5.0 and Module Builder is a real productivity boon that allows skillful developers to concoct a full-fledged application in under a day.


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