Bed, Bath, Sugar and Beyond

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 6, 2008 — Leave a comment

Sugar BeyondManoj Jayadevan starts off his presentation on what 5.0 means to SugarCRM. Picture this: a Porsche with Tank Treads.. Ok, now you’re thinking like Manoj. He wanted 5.0 to be strong and fast.

5.1 is meant to hit the shelves in April/May time frame and the focus will be on delivering a SaaS ready product. The content of 5.1 looks like an upgraded reporting engine, better wireless and pda intergration, import improvements, an Excel Plug-in (COOL!), and enhancing module builder. For the enterprise it looks like that the new Reports Module and Database Slave support is going to be the big winner. Finally, big deal with the 5.1 SugarCRM release is that we’re dropping <5.1 PHP versions. That means a lot for OOP, as I’m sure many of you know.

Sugar 6.0 is slated for Nov/Dec of 2008 and is focused on Sales Territory Management, Timesheets, new Calender, complex teams/groups. The big ones for me are Full text search, dependent dropdowns, and calculated fields. Sounds like a javascript studio is on the way. For developers, we’re going to keep advancing the functionality of module builder and the web services (SOAP API). For you java gear heads, we’re adding a Java Layer that allows PHP to talk in Java (think lucine).

Sounds like an exciting time. What features from a developer perspective?

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