Seven Customizations Even My Boss Can Do

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 6, 2008 — Leave a comment

Hello friends! I’m here in my boss Andy Dreisch’s presentation, during the first breakout session of SugarCon. Andy’s presentation walks through seven upgrade-safe, executive-proof customizations that use the Studio, Module Builder, workflows, reports, and other built-in tools. So far he’s ticking off the checklist pretty quickly. We’ve got a scenario based on American Idol, and later on our singing marketeer Martin Schneider will entertain the crowd as Andy adds a custom module. Talk about a multi-media extravaganza!

Our grand finale was going to be an audience participation bit where the crowd would text message a “rating” on Martin’s performance, which would instantly show up in the newly created Sugar module. What a spectacular finish! However, we were dismayed to learn this morning that there’s no cell phone access in this room! We’re thirty feet underground in a technological cave.

So, Julian’s come to the rescue and we’re going to mimic the SMS data. We also have runners stationed at the back of the room who will sprint up the stairs to a less-dead cell spot. This should be fun!

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