CRM 2.0 And the New Consumer

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 7, 2008 — Leave a comment

Day Two of SugarCon has begun and we’ve already had some interesting speakers. Paul Greenberg, president of the 56 Group and author of CRM at the Speed of Light gave a great talk on how the customer, rather than the company, is in the driver’s seat and is initiating interactions in new and “non-traditional” ways. Out are focus groups, traditional market research and the whole concept of a customer being a targeted market segment. In are blogs, podcasts, community forums, and customer experiences, along with a friendly, honest two-way communication about what companies are doing and where they’re heading.

Listening to his talk, I thought to myself that we here at Sugar are at least starting to get things right, with several conduits for you the developer community to talk with each other (via the forums and the wiki) and hear from us (via our podcasts and this very blog). We’re continuing to focus on strengthening these conduits and encourage your participation. Your honest comments about what we’re doing wrong (and what we’re doing right) are more tangible and better than any artificial focus group!

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