Could a Yahoooogle Partnership Happen?

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 13, 2008 — Leave a comment

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After turning down MSFT, YHOO has to come up with something that justifies why they will be valued at $44+ billion of their own accord. Even though GOOG was happy to intervene after the MSFT bid and take over search for them – they’re not so eager now that there is a proxy fight brewing. However, it seems like Rupert Murdoch is throwing his hat into the ring. Murdoch supposedly wants to mash up Yahoo! with MySpace and get a slice of the bloated valuation (thanks to MSFT) the MyHoo! entity. Ching!

Doesn’t this seem mixed up to you? MSFT has Facebook, which is built on PHP, Yahoo! is a PHP shop, MySpace is running on Cold Fusion, News Corp. isn’t exactly the “tip of the spear”, and Google can’t be the player it wants to be because of regulation (remember the DoubleClick).

I think as developers we’re at risk of losing a major contributor to the Open Source world. YHOO’s contributions to the OSS ecosystem, for example YUI, is an important part of SugarCRM 5.0 release. Even from a debugging level, we have Yahoo! to thank for Firebug. Yahoo! will become the banner ad-engine of MySpace and innovation becomes an after-thought. Do you think that kind of innovation and openness will still pour out of Yahoo! if Rupert Murdoch is sitting on the board?

Wouldn’t it be much more interesting if, rather than News Corp injecting Yahoo! with MySpace, Google and Yahoo! mashed up services as separate entities? Google and Yahoo! should take a stake in each other in an equity deal. The partnership would allow the two to take advantage of each other’s ad-network and/or search technology – while innovation in both organizations would further developers and the OSS world. I’d be happy to see the toolkits and frameworks that would result from that partnership.

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