Sugar Developer Survey Results

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 20, 2008 — 1 Comment

We just concluded a survey of the developers in the Sugar Community.  This was our first developer survey and it is always great to get real data to back up what we think the community looks like and wants.  In general we weren’t too surprised with the results, but we were amazed on how consistent the feedback was across the respondents.

The majority of the Sugar Developer Survey respondents are developers using the Community Edition in small companies in North America and Europe and are relatively new to SugarCRM (less than two years).  They almost all have customized the Sugar code and definitely want to see more code comments and better developer documentation.  Though there was some pointed feedback on how to improve the product and documentation (hey, this was their opportunity to say it all) they still rank us very well against other technology vendors, would recommend SugarCRM to others and definitely plan to stick with SugarCRM going into the future.

About 60% of the respondents are running Sugar 5.0, 30% on Sugar 4.5 and the rest on Sugar 4.2 and 4.0.  About 90% are running PHP 5 and 10% PHP 4.  85% are running MySQL and 15% are running MS SQL Server.  2/3rds  are running Linux and 1/3rd are running Windows.  All of the developers use PHP at work, with Java, C++ and Perl being the next most common programming languages.  Standard text editors were the favorite IDE for half the respondents with Eclipse and Zend Studio coming in at 30% and 20%.  3/4ths of the respondents had worked with PHP applications prior to SugarCRM.

The number one request was for better developer documentation.  We are already moving quickly on this with a dev guide in the works.  Stay tuned for a complete update mid-Summer to the Sugar Developer Zone site including all new developer documentation and tutorials.

I’d like to thank everybody who took the time to answer the survey and give us your feedback. In conclusion, expect to see these community-focused surveys more frequently.  Your input drives what we focus on next!

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