Sugar and Talend at LinuxTag

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 31, 2008 — 2 Comments

I’m at the LinuxTag event here in Berlin this week and am really pleased with how good of an event it is. It is easily on par with the LinuxWorld events back in the US.  And of course Germany leads Europe in open source enthusiasm and growth.

As always, one of the best parts of attending a conference for me is to see what other companies and projects are doing with SugarCRM.

One of the hits for us at the show has been the Talend connector for SugarCRM. Talend is a commercial open source provider of data integration solutions. With Talend, you can synchronize customer information between Sugar and any other system such as MS Navision or SAP. This greatly simplifies your sales person’s life when it comes to updating customer information. He can simply update the customer’s billing address in Sugar and the change is automatically pushed out to the financials system. They have the Sugar connector built into their Business Connector suite and provide implemenation help as well.  Talend is working with several Sugar customers providing this exact data integration solution today.

Another very cool integration that I saw for the first time is between Starface and SugarCRM. Starface is a very well designed VoIP system that has recently built an extremely cool integration with SugarCRM. When you run Starface for your telephony system and Sugar for your CRM system, your sales people can be working inside of Sugar, a new phone call comes in and the customer record automatically comes up in Sugar. All inbound and outbound phone calls are automatically recorded in Sugar, thereby giving you a very clear and well-organized view of when you talked last with a customer. Like Talend, this is a very real product ready to be installed in your company today.

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    After reading this post in early June, I immediately grabbed a free (4-user, non-commercial) Home Edition copy of STARFACE and set up a dedicated PBX server with an ancient box that was gathering dust. The set-up and configuration, etc. was relatively painless. But I then hit the wall in that the STARFACE SugarCRM Connector was not yet released. (Here’s the page that describes this integration with links to admin and user documentation PDFs. If you have never been to the site, you may see the German view of this page and need to click the upper right link for the English version if you are Teutonically impared.)

    GOOD NEWS! On the word from the STARFACE folks is that the connector is nearing release at SugarForge probably within a week or so. Here’s a link to the post in the English side of the STARFACE Forum announcing that the STARFACE SugarCRM Connector is coming soon.


    Everybody who works with Talend to build Sugar CRM integrations, should check also Cloudbee Advanced component, to get more features, like relations creation and newest API support:

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