Time for Silicon Valley Code Camp

sugarcrmdevelopers —  October 28, 2008 — Leave a comment

Ready to sharpen your coding skills?

Foothill College in Silicon Valley, CA, is the site of this year’s Silicon Valley Code Camp, a free weekend event by and for developers that features 115 sessions spread across two days. To date, 886 people have registered for this event, which takes place on November 8th and 9th, 2008.

A quick glance at the list of sessions shows a lot of interesting topics, from architecture to Open Source to security. Many speakers come from marquee software companies in the valley, so the content promises to be insightful and valuable. More than just a set of lectures, the Code Camp organizers aim to provide dialogue and discussion amongst developers. They have published a manifesto, which reads:

The Code Camp Manifesto consists of six points: (1) by and for the developer community; (2) always free; (3) community developed material; (4) no fluff – only code; (5) community ownership; and (6) never occur during working hours.

Speaker registrations are closed for this year, but you can still register for the event as an attendee. Just fill out this short form and you’re in!

Keeping up-to-date and connected at the event will be easy as well. They’ve set up a companion Wiki for posting session content, a Twitter feed for broadcasting short updates to attendees before and during the event, an RSS feed for news, and a LinkedIn group so people can keep track of new-found friends after it’s all over.

This “Code Camp” idea isn’t confined to the Bay Area. A quick web search turned up camps in Southern California, Raleigh, North Carolina, Boise, Idaho, and many, many more.

If there’s not a Code Camp in your area, consider organizing a Code Camp of your own! Start small…get a couple of local companies to sponsor some food and prizes, and ask around at local user groups to find developers who are willing to share some aspect of their skill set with others. It’s a classic “win-win” for all: developers get to network with their peers and pick up a new skill or two, sponsors get the attention of lots of potential employees and are seen in the community as “good guys”, and the local college gets additional traffic to the campus, exposing others who may not know of its bounty of classes and resources.

I spoke with someone at Foothill College (the site of Code Camp) and he said they willingly donated the rooms and labs so that the developer community would be aware of their small, slightly out of the way college and would hopefully think about taking courses there once they knew about this gem. As a part-time instructor at Foothill, I heartily applaud this effort and hope to see more returning students on campus, especially if they sign up for my class!

CodeCamp at FootHill College.  Click Here for Details and Registration

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