New vCal Updates Setting in 5.2.0c

sugarcrmdevelopers —  March 23, 2009 — 1 Comment

In the Sugar 5.2.0c patch that was released last week, we included a new setting in the System Settings page that allows administrators to set the vCal time period.  Administrators can specify the number of months in advance of the current date that Free/Busy information for calls and meetings is published for each user. 

The new field in the System Settings page is titled “vCal Updates Time Period:”, and the default value is two months. Administrators can now enter the preferred number of months, from one to 12, as well as turn off Free/Busy publishing altogether by entering “0”.

The reason for this setting is to allow administrators to control VCal efficiency on saves of calls and meetings.  When calls and meetings are saved, queries are run to fetch vCal data for the assigned user.  Prior to 5.2.0c, the time period of information that the query was sent to retrieve was set to two months in advance of the current date, and entire VCal data was re-constructed for the next two months for each user/attendee.  The two month time period could not be changed, and vCal could not be disabled through the application UI, even if vCal was not being used.

Using vCal and retrieving data for a longer time period can have an impact on application performance when users have a lot of data to retrieve, or can unncessarily slow down the time to save a record if vCal is not being used and the queries are still run.

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