Sugar 5.5 Beta is here

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 28, 2009 — 2 Comments

Note: Upgrade files from Sugar 5.5 Beta to any later release will not be provided. Therefore, we recommend that you upgrade a copy of your production Sugar system for testing purposes only.

There are some great new features for developers in 5.5.  I think that there are two big key features for developers are the

  • Themes framework

I haven’t had a chance to hack on the REST api, but I gave it a quick review.  Since we’re just introducing it, right now is the perfect time to help influence it’s developement, submit fixes, etc.  Please, let use know what you think.

To take a look at, look in the ./services/ directory and you’ll see some tests and also an example.  The tests are specific to a specific to some specific records that SugarCRM’s engineering team,  so you’ll have to modify them to suit your database records.

John Mertic is the rockstar behind the new Themes Framework.  I’m really excited to see what innovation come from it.  However, perhaps the best innovation is the possibility of a high performance theme.  A lot of that will come when companies finally decide to ditch IE6 and adopt a more modern browser.  Did you know that IE’s javascript still does not have support for manipulating an array with “foreach”?

Our goal for this Beta release and the upcoming RC release is to receive valuable feedback that will help us achieve a high level of quality in the Sugar 5.5 GA release.  Please share your comments and questions with us within the Sugar 5.5 Beta forum thread. You can also find additional information about the Sugar 5.5 release within the Sugar 5.5 forums.

We look forward to hearing from you about your experiences with the Sugar 5.5 Beta release!

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