Mainstream media has realized that IE 6 dying

sugarcrmdevelopers —  August 7, 2009 — Leave a comment

IE 6 LogoCNN posted a story yesterday talking about how web developers around the world are making their voices heard in their distain for Internet Explorer 6 in relation to the current state of the web. They talk about how supporting it is holding back the web, keeping them from adding cool features and enhancing user experience in web applications. It’s definitely good to see that this discussion has gone “mainsteam”, since IE 6 is truly a dated browser, ladden with security holes and with poor support for web standards.

You’ll remember back this spring I wrote up a blog post about the future of Internet Explorer 6 as we move forward with developing the new Themes Framework in Sugar 5.5. We evaluated all the feedback we received, as well as looked at current browser trends both with Sugar and out in the world. In the end we decided to limit our out of the box browser support for IE 6 to one theme, aptly named ‘Sugar IE6’ ( it will be a clone of the existing Sugar theme ). It will be automatically chosen when a user is using IE 6 as their browser so they have an acceptable user experience going forward. In the process, this enables us to optimize the user experience in all of our other themes, many of which have been redesigned to take advantage of the new features that modern browsers give us.

You can look forward to these changes in the upcoming Sugar 5.5 beta2 release. And in the meantime, take Microsoft’s advice and move on from Internet Explorer 6 if you haven’t done so already.

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