The Cloud is the Next OS

sugarcrmdevelopers —  December 6, 2009 — Leave a comment

Every decade or so, there is a dramatic shift in how people use computers. We’ve seen mainframes cede to personal computers which enable web applications which, in turn, have given rise to RIAs and mobile apps. We are on the cusp of the next revolution.

With all the buzz around cloud computing it is difficult to get at what really matters. Will the Software – with all the bugs and deployment/management headaches – disappear? Will everyone shelve the notion of “deployment“ as an outdated concept from the 20th century? On the contrary, the rush to the Cloud is a dramatic validation that Software is more alive than ever; what has changed is the way we deploy it.

In the last decade we had two options: either deployment was easy but all systems were locked with no customer access (SaaS) or deployment was difficult but the systems were accessible to the customer (local systems).

At Sugar we believe that the decision about deployment- or the lack of thereof- belongs to the customer. We’ve always felt that our customers know how to run their business, and it is part of our job to accommodate. Here at Sugar, we recognize that every customer is unique with unique requirements. We are here to help our customers reach their goals, not to tell them how to run their business.

Cloud technologies are exactly what the doctor ordered to empower our customers. Suddenly the availability of low-cost computing resources has flipped the customer’s deployment decision on its head. An application that is written for the Cloud is truly capable of running anywhere- sometimes even across multiple clouds. Such applications offer the customer an option involving minimal deployment with full access to the customer’s data as if it were deployed locally. These applications are using the Cloud as their operating system. Distributed file systems, memory management, resource rebalancing, asynchronous notification mechanisms can be easily implemented and/or consumed using cloud APIs.

Next week I’ll dig in to the different cloud offerings and how to best utilize them in your applications.

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