My Multi-Monitor FireFox setup for SugarCRM

sugarcrmdevelopers —  December 8, 2009 — 1 Comment

After showing this to more than a few SugarCRM users I thought I’d share how I use FireFox and SugarCRM with a wider audience.  For my method, two FireFox add-ons are required as well as two or more monitors.  What I found is that I wanted to have a window open with tabs for all my reports and I didn’t want to open my Editviews and Detailviews in the same window and have to search through my tabs to get back to my reports (or listviews, although I don’t use any of the Listviews anymore, only reports).  I also didn’t want to open a new window for every record either.  What I want to do is to be able to click on a link in my reports window and have that link open up on my “Working” window on another monitor.  That means I can scroll through a report, open up a few links that interest me without losing focus on the report.  I also want some of my reports to auto-refresh so that I can see fresh data every time I go to them, for example my “Open Cases” report, so that when a new case arrives it automatically gets added to the report screen without me having to remember to refresh the page.  I also like to keep a auto-refreshing dashboard open on a third screen but for now lets concentrate on just the two monitors.

The Add-ins for Firefox are:

OpenInWindow 1.2.1 and ReloadEvery 3.5.1

Reload Every 3.5.1ReloadEvery, obviously, is the add-in that adds a menu option to automatically reload a page every so often.  It adds an entry to the context menu that allows you to refresh the page on a schedule that you set up.  I use every 5 minutes and every 30 minutes the most depending on what I am refreshing.  My Case list gets refreshed every 5 minutes and my dashboards get refreshed every 30 minutes.
OpenInWindowOpenInWindow adds an entry to the context menu that allows you to open a link in a different FireFox window.  So I open a window on my second monitor and I send all my work there.  This way the links that I open up to work on never get mixed up with my reports or Listviews.  If a new case comes in I can see it because that window remains visible on my first monitor while I work cases on my second monitor.  Each link I send to the second monitor opens a new tab in that window which is much better than opening up a new window for each new link.  It also beats the heck out of having dozens of tabs open and then havhing to look through them all looking for that case or the root report you work from.

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