Code Sprints Driving Innovation with Sugar 6

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 16, 2010 — Leave a comment

SugarCon has ended and what a fantastic week it was.  Probably the most exciting thing for me was being able to finally show the world what we’ve been working on for the past several months around the new Sugar 6 UI.   But I think the back story of how we got there is really cool and wanted to share it with you.

We’ve instituted a new practice last year in the core SugarCRM development team around what we call Free Style Code Sprints. This means we set aside all other projects for one week a quarter and let all the developers code whatever they want for that week. Product managers, senior management, everybody who typically weighs in on telling the developers what they need to build next … including me! … has to step back and just watch. Its tough!

Needless to say, the new Sugar 6 UI rocks and all that came from our last two code sprints. We find that stepping back and letting the engineers compete for building the coolest project in just one short week has been an amazing way of driving innovation and coming up with some really neat stuff.

Check out Sugar 6 and let me know what you think.

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