Wincache support for Sugar

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

Wincache is a PHP accelerator extension, developed by the IIS team at Microsoft, to help speed up PHP applications deployed on Windows stacks. It has 3 different components to it.

  • An opcode cache, similar to APC or eAccelerator, which speeds up PHP scripts by removing the need to compile PHP scripts into opcodes on every request. The opcode cache also has a file cache component, which stores the scripts in memory so they don’t have to be read from disk
  • A user cache, similar to APC or memcache, that provides a shared memory space for storing PHP objects and variables that can be shared across requests.
  • A session handler which keeps PHP from using slow file system operations to store session data.

What this means is that those deploying on Windows stacks now have a first rate solution for PHP optimization, enabling deployment of production PHP applications on Windows.

Beginning with Sugar 6, we will provide full support for Wincache 1.1 and later; you can test this support now in the weekly beta releases of Sugar 6. We also are providing an add-on package on SugarForge to enable Sugar 5.2 and 5.5 installations to use the user cache component of Wincache 1.1 and later as an add-on package that can be installed through Module Loader.

We look forward to hearing feedback on this using this extension for your Sugar installations.

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