Taking Your First Social CRM Steps With Sugar Studio

sugarcrmdevelopers —  June 3, 2010 — 10 Comments

There is a lot of talk about Social CRM (SCRM) these days and many customers are waiting for their CRM vendor to add SCRM features to their releases.   SugarCRM customers however don’t have to wait; they can take their first steps into the SCRM world by leveraging the powers of Sugar Studio.

Let’s say you would want to add a twitter feed on an account, contact or lead to your SugarCRM view.  But you want to do this is a scalable way.

This post discusses how you can generate scalable social links in your Sugar instance by adding any field (standard or custom) to a generated URL in an iFrame.

As an example, I’m going to be contact module and adding a twitter search on the contact.

First let’s create a custom field for the twitter name of our contact.

Then we’re going to put this field in the edit view.  This allows us to enter the contact’s twitter name when we edit all of our contact’s contact information. This also allows us to reuse the contacts twitter name in a different Studio integration later should we choose to do so.

This will look as follows in the Edit view.

Now let’s create an iFrame using the standard twitter search URL as the generated URL, but we replace the term we’re searching with the custom field name (“Field Name”] we created earlier.  In this example we’re using the following URL:

Finally in the detailed view of the contact, we’re creating a new panel, and we’re inserting the iFrame into this panel.  Note that we’ve also check marked the new “display panels as tabs” feature.  This is a feature is new in Sugar 6.

Here’s the end result.  And this is now enabled for all contacts in your Sugar instance.  You see that the twitter search is now displayed in a separate panel.  Note that you can do the same in any Sugar Module.  You can do the same for other Social information such as facebook, LinkedIn, blogs or for any Internet service where there is a consistent URL with a name variable.  You can use any field in Sugar and replace this with the variable.

10 responses to Taking Your First Social CRM Steps With Sugar Studio


    Good post but I can't see any screenshots. Can you please double check them? Also you may want to read quickly through to correct a couple of mistakes ;). Should make it easier to read.Thanks!


    I corrected the screenshots in the post, sorry about that 🙂


    NICE !!!


    Simple and very effective.


    Simple and very very effective!


    I've noticed that if you use http://twitter.com/{twittername_c} then Twitter will take over the entire interface and you can't view the Sugar record until you remove the value in twittername_c or remove the iFrame from be page through Studio.


    I think that's due to some Javascript that Twitter injects: <script type=”text/javascript”>//<![CDATA[if (window.top !== window.self) {document.write = “”;window.top.location = window.self.location; setTimeout(function(){document.body.innerHTML='';},1);window.self.onload=function(evt){document.body.innerHTML='';};}//]]></script>Which is why Jan's example used the search.twitter.com site instead ;-)The upside is that we're planning a tighter Twitter integration in Pro/Ent for our 6.1 release. There are also Twitter integrations available through SugarExchange and SugarForge.


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    This is great, but I can only seem to get the iframe to take up one column. I have tried expanding the field two fill the panel under the detailed layout view, and I’ve tried changing the size of the field, but it always comes back to 255.

    Any suggestions?


    I wont to post feed on twitter from sugarCRM 

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