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In this post, I’ll briefly describe the features and uses of Tidbit, and walk you through some simple use cases.  Tidbit is a simple tool to populate your Sugar instance with large amounts of data for load testing purposes.

Using a few short command line options, you can generate records with Tidbit for various Sugar modules.  Using only the load command line argument, Tidbit will create that many Accounts, and records for other modules according to the ratios defined in the install_config.php file.  Here’s a short example:

php install_cli.php -l 100 -o

The output from Tidbit tells you what’s being created:

2 Teams
1200 EmailAddresses
10 Users
100 Accounts
200 ProductBundles
400 Products
2400 Calls
1600 Emails
400 Contacts
400 Leads
200 Opportunities
400 Cases
300 Bugs
800 Meetings
400 Tasks
400 Notes
100 Documents

If you want more fine-grained control over the ratio of records created, you can edit install_config.php to suit your needs.  This file contains an array called $modules, where the module names are mapped to integer values.

If you are running a Sugar installation featuring modules built using Module builder or edited using Studio, Tidbit can create records for these modules as well.  If you give the –allmodules command line argument, Tidbit automatically detects all modules and creates records for them.  If any module has customized fields from Studio, Tidbit will detect these changes and generate the appropriate type of data for the field.

I also want to mention one more feature that helps to populate the Sugar installation with a “realistic” data set.  If you use the –allrelationships command line argument, Tidbit detects any custom relationships created using Studio and relates the records it creates according to what it finds.

Tidbit has been around for a while so I’m sure many are already familiar with it.  Still, I hope this post can serve as a reminder and inform you of recently added features.

Check out Tidbit here.

4 responses to Tidbit


    php install_cli.php -o -u 400

    Processing Module Cases
    Obliterating all existing data … DONE
    *INSERT QUERY FAILED Query Failed:INSERT INTO cases ( name, date_entered, date_modified, modified_user_id, created_by, description, deleted, assigned_user_id, case_number, type, status, priority, resolution, work_log, id) VALUES ……….::MySQL error 1062: Duplicate entry ’83’ for key 2

    What is the problem?


    Fridee try it on a clean database and let us know if you see the same issue. Also did you run tidbit twice on the same instance?


      Thanks for your reply.
      I run the command on a clean database. And hit the duplicate entry error when running tidbit first time on mysql instance.
      Actually, got same error on another table, bugs. They have unique keys on the columns. If I remove the unique keys, tidbit works well.

      Is the Tidbit able to handle the unique key?

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