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sugarcrmdevelopers —  August 20, 2010 — Leave a comment

Now I’ll fulfill my earlier promise to talk about Sugar MMM (MeterMaid Maker).  I like to think this tool pulls everything together to enable minimal effort load testing.  Need records? Fill up your database with Tidbit.  JMeter’s GUI slowing you down?  Whip up some MeterMaid scripts to do what you need to do.  But I hear you complaining.  ‘I don’t want to write XML scripts.  I just want to type a simple command or click a button, and simulate what my users are going to do’.  Rejoice, for Sugar MMM is here to answer your prayers.

Setting up Sugar MMM requires that you edit the xml_strings.php file (located in the metadata folder), to tell it your Sugar login info, where MeterMaid is, and where the GUI version can read and write files.  If you’re concerned about a particular module’s performance, the command-line interface is what you want.  Observe:

php sugarmmm_cli.php –module=Accounts

Your MeterMaid directory will now contain a JMeter script to test out the Accounts module.  It will log into Sugar, open the Accounts module listview, open a record’s detail view, create relationships, and so on.  Details can be found on the Sugar MMM github wiki or README file.

If you’re interested in all the modules, or you have some crazy custom MeterMaid script you want to use, check out the GUI version.  In your browser, go to:

http://localhost/<Your Sugar Directory>/SugarMMM

Using this simple web interface, you can include any number of modules and/or custom MeterMaid scripts into the final result.  Then, run MeterMaid on the combined XML file, and you have an uber-script capable of load testing your setup until it begs for mercy.

Sugar MMM can be obtained here.

Today is my last day at Sugar,  so I bid you all farewell and good luck with your SugarCRM related activities.

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