Switching Activities Page Back to Calls

sugarcrmdevelopers —  September 27, 2010 — 1 Comment

One of the changes that we made in our 6.0 release was to have the Activities tab bring you to the Calendar day view, instead of the Calls ListView.

However, some users find that the Calls ListView makes more sense for them as the default.  Or, maybe they find the Meetings ListView to be more appropriate for their deployment.

A member of our developer community, David Boris, posted an upgrade-safe tip in the Forums to accomplish this change.  Thanks for the tip, David!

  1. Create (or modify) a PHP file ./custom/modules/Activities/views/view.list.php
  2. Use this code in that file to set the Activities default to the Calls ListView:

class ActivitiesViewList extends ViewList
public function display()
$GLOBALS['mod_strings'] = return_module_language($GLOBALS['current_language'], 'Calls');
echo get_module_title("Calls", $GLOBALS['mod_strings']['LBL_MODULE_TITLE'], true);
// Overload the export module since the user got here by clicking the "Activities" tab
$export_module = "Calls";
$_REQUEST['module'] = 'Calls';
$controller = ControllerFactory::getController('Calls');
//Manipulate view directly to not display header, js and footer again
$view = ViewFactory::loadView($controller->view, $controller->module, $controller->bean, $controller->view_o
$view->options['show_header'] = false;
$view->options['show_title'] = false;
$view->options['show_javascript'] = false;
if($GLOBALS['external_cache_enabled']) {

You can swap out the Calls for Meetings, or similar.

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