Recap of PHPNW 2010

sugarcrmdevelopers —  October 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

I had the privilege two weekends ago to attend the PHPNW 2010 Conference at the Manchester Conference Center in Manchester, UK.  It  was a one day conference hosted and ran by the local PHPNW users group, which brought together PHP developers all of the UK and Europe and had several local and internationally known speakers sharing knowledge about various aspects of PHP, Zend Framework, and  web development in general. They had an amazing turnout, selling out the conference a few days before hand.

My talk centered on what we have done to develop SugarCRM as deployable PHP application that works on many different platforms and database backends. I had a great turnout for the talk, and I appreciate all the feedback given so that I can further enhance this talk in the future.

The biggest takeaway for me of the conference was the people I met. Two in particular were Michelangelo van Dam ( co-founder of the PHP Benelux user’s group ) and Lorna Mitchell ( Web services domain expert, who is also very popular speaker on the PHP Conference circuit and a prominent member of the PHP Women group ), who both gave me great ideas and feedback on working with our SugarCRM developer community, as well as feedback on areas of the product and project in general that from a developer perspective could use some improvement. I am taking this and all the other feedback I received back with me to SugarCRM to help improve the product, and what we can offer to you as SugarCRM developers.

Thanks again to the PHPNW Conference committee, in particular Jeremy Coates and Emma Parker for their hard work in pulling the conference together and organizing everything for the speakers down to transportation to and from the airport ( thanks to Micheal Leach and Jenny Wong for doing that duty 🙂 ). It was an wonderful experience with a growing conference, and I hope to be able to come back again next year.

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