SugarCRM Developer Sprint – US Style

sugarcrmdevelopers —  December 8, 2010 — 1 Comment

While our European partners were gathered in Munich last week for their developer sprint, we invited US partners to our Cupertino, CA headquarters to participate in one of our now famous code sprints. Like Majed mentioned, these sprints have produced some amazing additions to the product, and in the process allow our very talented technical teams to bring exciting new functionality and features to the product.

What was unique for those invited partners is they had the opportunity to not only sprint on new features to the product with members of our engineering, QA, and support teams from all around the country, but also the ability to participate in our team and planning meetings during the week, giving first hand visibility in how our team works internally and our development process. This made the week an especially rewarding experience, as Epicom software engineer James McGirr said in a post on the Epicom blog recapping his thoughts on the event.

While our week primarily focused on new code sprint projects as well as bringing previous sprint projects to the point of productization ( stay tuned for more updates there ), we also were all able to hang out together and have some fun. Since many members our team are based all over the country ( including myself being near Cleveland, OH where it’s cold and snowy as I write this 😦 ), we don’t have many opportunities to spend time socially together; this makes the week especially rewarding for me personally. This week we went go-carting in the windy streets of San Francisco, seeing the sights of the Golden Gate Bridge and Ocean Beach, along with an exhilarating rush hour traffic drive thru downtown on the way back, ending our night at SugarCRM favorite Cha Cha Cha.

Here’s a quick look at the week in pictures…

Thanks everyone who participated last week, and I look forward to us all doing it again soon.

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    Great photos ! Glad to see everyone happy !

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