An SugarCRM Engineer at Lotusphere 2011

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

For the past few months I have been lucky enough to work with the team that was integrating LotusLive and SugarCRM. We are officially announcing availability of this integration at Lotusphere 2011 here in Orlando, FL.  As part of the hard work that everyone has put into this effort I wanted to ensure that at least one SugarCRM engineer who worked on this integration was present for the “festivities.”  Lucky for me I was able to attend.

The theme of Lotusphere 2011 is “Get Social. Do Business.” and as part of the kickoff Kevin Spacey, yes Kevin Spacey the actor, was the guest speaker.  His production studio, TriggerStreet, was behind the movie “The Social Network.”  And as part of that effort and his quest to continue to find more screenplays, he has used social networking to try to reach out to more people.  I have to say sitting in a crowd 10,000+ and watching Kevin Spacey was definitely quite a gift.  But we’re at Disney World so this should be the norm right?

I have never been to a tradeshow where I was on the other side of the booth and so this was quite a treat. Even more so because I got to see the types of questions people ask from: “What is CRM?” to “What makes SugarCRM stand apart?” I think it was sometimes refreshing to people when I said “I am an Engineering Manager so you will be hearing things from that perspective from me.”  The two most common themes amongst the questions would probably be

  1. I want my CRM to be simple and intuitive
  2. How can I integrate with my existing systems

This has been such a useful from an engineering perspective to see what people are concerned about. At the end of the day they care about what everyone cares about. I want to do things quickly and easily and it should be simple to understand.

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