SugarCon 2011 – Call for papers ends next week

sugarcrmdevelopers —  February 3, 2011 — 3 Comments

Are you doing any of the following:

  • Customizing a SugarCRM instance extensively through PHP code?
  • Stripping down SugarCRM to the bare bones and building an entirely different non-CRM application on top of the platform?
  • Extending the core SugarCRM application to add new functionality?
  • Integrating SugarCRM into other applications, whether they are web-based services or legacy internal applications?

Then we want you to present at this spring’s SugarCon 2011, being held April 4-6 in San Francisco.

We are winding down on the call for papers, and this year I have the privilege of working with our marketing team to manage the technical tracks, namely “Flexing the Sugar Platform” and “Beyond CRM”. My goal is to showcase the most relevant and interesting topics that matter to you as a Sugar Developer, so I am looking for talks that are case studies, tips and tricks, or even just showing off something cool you did. Whether you are a first-time speaker or a seasoned conference lecturer, we want to hear from you. If you are interested, send in your proposals before February 10th.

I want these tracks to be about you as a Sugar Developer, so I want the topics that interest you to be on the schedule. If you have any feedback on what you would like to see, sound off in the comments or tweet us @sugardev.  We have more ideas in the works for our Sugar Community at SugarCon this year, stay tuned as we will have announcements on those coming soon. If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to do so as this promises to be the best SugarCon yet!

3 responses to SugarCon 2011 – Call for papers ends next week


    Sounds interesting.
    As a “Customizer” (we are Italian Bronze Partner) it would be a great experience. At Milan’s SugarAcceleration I showed a “micro live demo” of a project we made to Clint, Liz Smith and Tom Schuster. They looked excited, and asked us to build a webcast… We are still building it, due to heavy work loads (thank you, sugar !).
    BTW, I’ll try to write down something clever…

    Fabio GRANDE
    Poker SpA


    I guess I need some info….
    As a first-time speaker, and a first-time SugarCon participant, I’m wondering what I’m supposed to do to partecipate as a speaker.

    1) I can send You a structured list of what I think could be interesting. This is simple…
    2) Should I build a presentation ? How many slides ? May I use a own template or I have to ask You the “SugarCon template “?
    3) About a presentation : must be PPT/PPTX or ODP is ok?



      We really don’t have a set list of interesting topics; basically anything that I outlined in the post above would be topics we would be interested ( extending, customizing, and/or integrating Sugar, or any development topic related to Sugar ). You can use your own template for the presentation, all we ask is that you could make it possible to have the slides available after the conference online somewhere ( such as Slideshare ).

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