New in Sugar 6.2: Integrating Facebook with SugarCRM: How to Setup a Facebook Cloud Connector

sugarcrmdevelopers —  March 25, 2011 — 15 Comments

Editor’s Note: This is an article from Hila Shemer, illustrating integrating Facebook with SugarCRM using the enhanced external services API new in Sugar 6.2. Stay tuned for more exciting developer features coming in Sugar 6.2, and be sure to be at the SugarUNCon during SugarCon to get a more indepth look at these new features.

One of the most effective features of SugarCRM is its ability to integrate with social applications to enhance your connection with your customers and future customers. SugarCRM makes it really easy to pull in content from the facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and more into the application as an additional (and critical) source of information for your business’ success.

This tutorial presents the first steps in integrating facebook content with SugarCRM. We will create a SugarCRM facebook App and connect to it from user’s individual accounts.

For this tutorial, I’ll be using SugarCRM Enterprise Edition.

1.     Log in as an Administrator.

2.     Admin -> Connectors -> Set Connector Properties


3.     Create the facebook App:

a.     Go to:

b.     Login to your facebook account.

c.      Name the App:


d.     In the facebook App Edit page -> Web Sites tab

e.     Enter your SugarCRM application URL and domain:

f.     Save Changes.


4.   Back in the Connector Settings page in the SugarCRM application.

a.     Fill out the API key and App secret as provided in the facebook app summary page and save:

5.     Now SugarCRM users can enable facebook content through the application in the following manner:

a.     Login as a user.

b.     In the Home screen -> hover over My Activity Stream dashlet:


c.     Click on Edit Sugar Dashlet button.

d.     In My Activity Stream: Options dialogue -> Authenticate Facebook.

e.     Login to your facebook account. Each user logs in to his or her personal account. This will enable the facebook App through that user’s SugarCRM account.

f.     Allow access to the App.

g.      Save

Now the user’s facebook Wall is populated through the My Activity Stream dashlet:

15 responses to New in Sugar 6.2: Integrating Facebook with SugarCRM: How to Setup a Facebook Cloud Connector


    Can this pull data from Facebook pages – fans, fan comments, etc?


    does this not work with CE?


    Does it work with the CE version af Sugar?


    his docu seems to be outdated, since it looks much different now… maybe you can update it!?
    My question is: Do I need a real domain for this? I am running this on an internal NAS, running just wit a local IP.



    is the process still the same? we tried this and instead of “Authenticate to Facebook”, it now says “Connect to Facebook”. And we still don’t see the facebook feeds on our activity stream. Help?

    disqus_gmgfms15xq July 4, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Hi I tried to do the same process with your tutorial, and i don’t see any facebook feeds on my activity stream, but when I tried to access my SugarApp that i did in Facebook it is working, what is the problem on this? any help? Thanks!

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