Wrapping up the SugarCon Freestyle Code Sprint

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

Today is Sunday morning, a day before the official SugarCon event starts in San Francisco, and we are wrapping up the code sprint.  The past three days have been a fun time sprinting on cool new ideas and getting to know all those developers we only knew through IRC.

Over 50 developers from around the world descended on the SugarCRM HQ in Cupertino, CA including developers from the Sugar team and from our value-added resellers across 10 different countries. Wow, the energy fueled by Togo’s sandwiches and an endless supply of sodas has been totally impressive.  And what I found most amazing was that there wasn’t a single pizza ordered the whole weekend.

We started the sprint on Friday with a developer training session where we focused on the tools we use to build and manage the SugarCRM source code.  We love GitHub!

We then created lists, lists and more lists.  The developers threw out ideas on the things they love about Sugar and the things they would like to see improved.  Being engineering-minded, naturally you can guess which list was longer.  Then it was time to decide what to sprint on.

The theme of this code sprint was “The First 30”.  The first 30 minutes and the first 30 days.  The idea here is to streamline the user’s first 30 minutes of using the Sugar application and the company’s use of Sugar in the first 30 days.  We want end users to find it drop dead simple to start using Sugar and companies to find it drop dead simple to move their mission critical CRM processes into Sugar.

We’re stepping through code projects now.  Early previews shows some great stuff! My favorite so far is the updated inline help and tutorials.  Great job Roger, Lam and team!

I’ll blog later today on the different projects.

Nerf gun wars on Friday

Choosing projects to work on

Voting on the best projects



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