Sugar Mobile for Android User Guide

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The Sugar Mobile application for the Android platform allows you to access your SugarCRM 6.2.0 Enterprise and Professional editions from your phone and view, edit and add new information on the fly.

This tutorial explores the Android Sugar Mobile’s main features and will walk you through the following:

1.    Logging in to the application

2.    Using the main features

a.    About

b.    Modules

c.    Quick Search

d.    Search

3.  Summary


1. Logging In to the Application

After downloading and running the application for the first time, you’re going to get to the login page. Here, you’ll need to provide your username, password, and the company’s SugarCRM URL, as shown below. Make sure your Wi-Fi or 3G is turned on in order to access the application. Once provided with credentials, the app will attempt to authenticate on your behalf and login. Upon successful login, the app will remember your credentials and will authenticate as soon as it starts running.




2. Using the Main Features

After successfully logging in, the Home/Modules page appears and the application is ready for work. The upper menu shows the different features available and we’ll explore each on of those.


App Main Screen


a.  About

In the About page, you can view and edit your current login settings using the Settings tab. You can also view information about the app such as   version, release, etc.


App Settings


b. Modules

The Modules feature allows accessing SugarCRM’s main modules: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Calls, Tasks, Meetings, Employees,  and Reports. The last option, Import, allows importing phone contacts into the SugarCRM as Contacts or Leads. When accessing one of the modules, the app updates and displays the list of the Module’s entries. We will use the Accounts module to demonstrate the different things you can do in a Module, but this information applies to all modules since they all work in the same way and offer the same options.

  • Module menu options – You can view the Module’s bottom menu by pressing the phone’s Menu button. From the menu, you can add a new entry, refresh the data presented in the module, and apply search filters (My Items, All Items, and Favorites) when entering a query in the search bar at the top of the Module page.



Accounts Module


  • Accessing module entries – Any entry displayed on the Module page can be accessed and edited.
  • Module Entry menu options – After editing, you can either Save or Delete the entry from the bottom menu. You can also View Related items, which will show different items related to the current entry (for example, Calls, Meetings, Contacts, Cases and Opportunities associated an Account entry).



View/Edit Module Entry


View Related


  • Custom Modules – As a default, the Sugar Mobile app only shows a number of built-in modules. However, if you’re interested exposing different modules through the app (built-in or custom), there is a way to do so through the web application:

    1.    Go to Administration -> Mobile.

    2.    Drag and drop modules from the Disabled Modules box into the Enabled Modules box or vice versa.

    3.    There is also an option to edit the number of Listview and Subpanel items per page.


Custom Modules and View Settings


c. Quick View

The QuickView feature provides a fast access to Recently Viewed items. It also lists Open Activities, which are activities occuring within the next five days.


Quick View


d. Search

The search feature allows to search for module entries and activities. You can choose between searching My Items, which are items assigned to you, and searching All Items.




3. Summary

The Sugar Mobile app for Android allows accessing information from your SugarCRM application on the fly. The About page provides information about the app and user credentials. The Modules feature allows viewing, editing, and creating new Module entries. The Quick View shows recently viewed and open activities and the Search feature allows applying different filters on the search results.

This has been a quick overview of the Android app’s main feature. Feel free to leave comments and questions!


10 responses to Sugar Mobile for Android User Guide


    This is a very intuitive post. Does this app support Android 3.0?


    happy to hear android support Sugar CRM. Does it support SugarCRM Community( Open source).
    Please help me out from this problem- mail to Me


    If I am using Sugar 6.1 Professional, does this app only work with version 6.2?  When I enter my login info with our URL, it says “Login Error – Make sure you entered a valid URL”


    So if we don’t have Suger 6.2 you just say: sorry it doesn’t work?


    i am getting problem in using SugarCRM 6.5.0… can you help me out 😦


    how to integrate the sugar crm into android project is there any special sdk from sugar crm?


      Sugar is working on a Mobile SDK that works with Android. But it will only be available for commercial editions of product, not community edition.

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