SugarUNCon – Day 1 recap

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 6, 2011 — 1 Comment

"Rob the Viking" talking about the External API

For those of you who made it ( and could find the room, which was about as far as you could get from the main conference while still being inside the Palace Hotel ), Day 1 of the first SugarUNCon was an amazing experience for all of the attendees. We packed the State Suite with over 30 developers from our partner and developer communities, along with many additional Sugas from all across our technical teams. For those of you who missed it, we looked at:

  • Testing Sugar with PHPUnit
  • Learned about the developer and partner sprints and the future of them
  • The new External API API, which has enabled simple integration into Twitter, Facebook, WebEx, Google, and many other services.
  • A deep dive into the Sugar MVC, learning how to override and create new controllers and views, along with learning the anatomy of a request.
  • A follow-up to David Wheeler’s presentation on Sugar Logic, with more examples how to leverage it.
  • Ken Brill’s demo of his tool to help benchmark Sugar instances, along with demo of several other features Ken has built that will be going into future versions of SugarCRM.
  • The “live open sourcing” of Jon Whitcraft’s worklog Sugar Field.
  • An indepth look at our performance and profiling tools, including SODA, Tidbit, and Jmeter.
  • A preview of Charles Hicks (chicks) and David Sulc’s presentation on their Ruby gem for interacting with SugarCRM’s web services ( and a preview of new language bindings coming in the future ).

Seems like a lot of great content, right? Well if you are attending SugarCon, you still have one more chance to experience the SugarUNCon today. We will kick off right after the morning keynote at 10:45am with the Sugar Community roundtable, where we will discuss the present state of the community and get feedback from you on how to make it bigger and better. We will then break into more lightning talks this afternoon, as chosen by you the attendees.

Thanks everyone who has made day 1 a success, and I look forward to day 2 being even bigger ( hopefully we won’t have the fire marshal after us for packing too many people in the room 😉 )

One response to SugarUNCon – Day 1 recap


    Thank You for Your time, guys. Many congratulations to John that (I guess) worked hard to make this amazing UNmeeting possible.

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