SugarUNCon wrapup

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 7, 2011 — 3 Comments

It’s a wrap! The first SugarUNCon came to a close, and I must say I was truly impressed with it’s success. Although we didn’t have the biggest room, or the most conveniently located one, we had a great group of developers from across all of community and partner developers, along with the technical experts here at SugarCRM.

Majed talking performance during the SugarUNCon

I think the biggest takeaway for us as an organization was the great discussion during the Sugar Community Roundtable this morning. For those of you who missed it, we discussed where are at currently as an organization, and where we are looking to head in the future. Coming out of the great feedback from the attendees of this meeting, expect a revamp to our external web properties ( namely Sugar Developer Zone, SugarForge, and the Sugar Forums ), with a new focus on promoting all the community driven projects, better and more focused documentation, and more friendly and useful social community for our developers to engage with one another. Also look forward to Github access to our CE codebase, starting the transition to making Sugar Community Edition a more developer focused product for our community.

I hope everyone enjoyed the SugarUNCon this year, and look forward to bringing it back next year again to SugarCon. Sound off in the forums and tweet with hashtag #sugaruncon to let us know what you thought about it.

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    Thanks for feedback.
    I agree for community.

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