We've moved ( our public repository from SVN to Github )

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 18, 2011 — 3 Comments

Last year at SugarCon, we made the announcement that we would provide a public SVN repository so that folks could grab the latest version of Sugar CE. This was something that has been long requested in the community for many years now, and for us it was a first step towards becoming more open as a company and responsive to our community.

But then something crazy happened…we discovered Github. And in the past year, we’ve converted all of our internal repositories over to git and Github, making our release and development processed much more efficient. And so with that trend, we’ve moved our current maintenance release ( 6.1.4 ) and beta release ( 6.2.0beta4 ) to a new repository at https://github.com/sugarcrm/sugarcrm_dev.

So while I won’t use this blog post as soapbox for the merits of git over SVN, I do find this move is definitively a positive one for our community at large for one main reason: you can now easily contribute bug fixes back to us thru github. We’ve been doing this with several of our partners over the past few months with great success, and in the process we’ve had a lot of great code being added to the application. This has helped our efforts to make Sugar a more stable product, and now we can open up this to all of our community developers as well. The entire contribution process, as well as instructions for setting up git locally, is detailed in the SugarCRM Dev wiki.

I hope that the move to Github and the easier contribution process can help our community become more involved with SugarCRM, helping us to strengthen the entire Sugar platform.

P.S. For those of you who absolutely love SVN and are saddened about us taking such a “trendy” move, Github provides SVN access to the repositories as well. We will also keep the existing Public SVN open for the immediate future to allow time for everyone to transition over to using Github.

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