HOWTO: Add a field from a related module into the ListView

sugarcrmdevelopers —  April 26, 2011 — 18 Comments

This information is Out of Date in latest Sugar versions.

Here’s a question from the forums I saw recently:

I need to show Contacts Phone work number in Call list view.
Can anyone help me how to do it?

This commonly comes up, and while there is a way to do this it isn’t upgrade-safe since we need to edit a bean method to do so. However it still is possible by doing two small edits. First, we need to modify the Call bean’s get_list_view_data() method to grab the phone number from the related contact as shown below.

Now, we just need to add the field to the list of fields we will show for the Calls listview in the modules/Calls/metadata/listviewdefs.php as shown below:

With a refresh, the field will now show up in the listview. Notice above that we’ve marked the field as not sortable, since it would be impossible to sort the field since it’s added on after the query is run.

18 responses to HOWTO: Add a field from a related module into the ListView


    I am trying this method, but there is no data showing for my column in the listview.  Is there anything that has to be done in vardefs.php for this method to work?


    I am trying to modify my activities, calls, listview to match what is on home, mycalls – specifically whether the call is for a contact or lead.  It does on home, mycalls but not on calls list overiew in activites.


    Method works, thanks! but, there an little error : get_list_view_data() must looks like that:

    function get_list_view_data(){
       // Grab the contact phone number   if ( !empty($this->contact_id) ) {   $contactFocus = new Contact;   $contactFocus->retrieve($this->contact_id);   if ( !empty($contactFocus->id) ) {       $sv[‘CONTACT_PHONE_WORK’] = $contactFocus->phone_work;   }   }  return $sv; }


    How can I add a fields from related Module to EditView, modules related in one-to-many


    I know this post is old but I need help. I’m new in sugar and I’m trying to implement what has been spent on this post.
    I wonder what the correct place where I call the function?
    Apologies for the english, I’m not very good .. lol


    Hi. How to make this new field can be ordered. where is the Query in calls list view ?



    I dont think this function is working anymore. It does not return the data, just blank.


    Do you know how to do it for the latest version? Might be worth updating the blog with that. I’ve since hard coded a SQL statement to get the data now.

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