Customize Home module menu shortcuts

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 2, 2011

Editor’s Note: This post comes from the blog of Sugar Community member Milos Miric, where he talks about customizing the shortcuts used in the Home module menu.


To customize the home menu shortcuts the best way would be to delete all shortcuts there are atm and then add only the one’s you like.

For this to work create a file in custom/Extension/modules/Accounts/Ext/Menus/shortcuts_customization.php with following content:

 * Date: 27.01.2011.
 * Filename: shortcuts_customization
 * Description:
 * @author Milos Miric

global $mod_strings;

// this will unset all menu shortcuts
$count = count($module_menu);
	unset ($module_menu[$i]);

// set here only links you need like this
if(ACLController::checkAccess('semi_KeywordsCatalogue', 'edit', true))$module_menu[] = Array("index.php?module=semi_KeywordsCatalogue&action=EditView&return_module=semi_KeywordsCatalogue&return_action=DetailView", $mod_strings['LNK_NEW_SEMI_KWCATALOGUE'],"Createsemi_KeywordsCatalogue", 'semi_KeywordsCatalogue');

if(ACLController::checkAccess('semi_Home', 'edit', true))$module_menu[] = Array("index.php?module=Home&action=discoverydashboard", "Discovery Dashboard" ,"semi_DiscoveryDahboard", 'Home');