Lots of new releases last week

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

Last week saw three releases come out:

  • SugarCRM 6.2.0RC2, which is the second release candidate for the upcoming 6.2.0 release. There’s lots of new items coming in this release for developers, including the External API, custom module Global Search, refactored SugarCache, Range Search, and many other things. We are getting close to release so be sure to download and check it out
  • SugarCRM 6.1.5, which is scheduled to be the last regular maintenance release for Sugar 6.1. This is a very important one as there are several bug, stability, and security fixes in this patch.
  • SugarCRM 6.0.4, a security patch for the Sugar 6.0 series. If you have any running systems that are on Sugar 6.0, you’ll definitely want to update to this version.

It’s very important for all Sugar systems to make sure they are updated to the latest version of Sugar to get the security fixes put out in these updates, especially if your server is internet connected.

We make security of the application and your data a top priority as we developer and test the application during our normal release cycles. That said, if you run into a security issue, be sure to follow our security policy to report it to us so we can take immediate action in resolving it.

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