Recording of the first Sugar Community Monthly Webinar now available – UPDATED

sugarcrmdevelopers —  May 19, 2011 — 3 Comments

(UPDATED 5/20 – Changed the date of next month’s meeting to June 14th instead of June 15th)

For those of you who missed yesterday’s SugarCRM Community Monthly Webinar, the recording is now available to watch here. I want to thank everyone who attended, and appreciate the feedback you gave me on SugarCRM and the community in general. I definitely have a few action items coming out of the meeting that I’ll be putting a plan together around documentation, our web properties, and better community project involvement.

One thing that came out of the Q & A session was the need to highlight better code examples for other developers to learn from. While this is a long term goal of a documentation project, in the short term we’ve been using the developer blog as a way to showcase this. If you have any examples of how to customize the SugarCRM codebase that you’d like to share with others, drop me a line at and I can help you get that content into the developer blog for the entire community to leverage.

And just a reminder, we’ll be doing it again next month on June 14th, 2011 at 1500 GMT. Thanks everyone again for attending and I hope to hear from everyone again next month.

3 responses to Recording of the first Sugar Community Monthly Webinar now available – UPDATED


    Hi John.
    I’m wondering if, in the future, would it be possible to download the recordings, for off-line watching.


      Great idea, added this at Will post in the sugarcrm_dev wiki as well.


        Err, try just cloning and grabbing from

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