Your votes count here

sugarcrmdevelopers —  June 2, 2011 — 1 Comment

We always here in the US during election season the saying “Every vote counts”. While many folks are quite skeptical about this on the scope of an election with millions of voters, rest assured there is one place your vote does count… the SugarCRM Bug Portal!

Earlier this spring we rolled out the first major updates to the Bug Portal, bringing it a fresh new look and improved useability thanks to AJAX goodness. One new feature we added was the ability to vote for bugs, so if you are experiencing the same pain as the original bug poster, you could effectively say “Hey! I want this fixed too!”. We track all the bug votes and then use this as a way to prioritize bugs to be addressed in upcoming releases. This takes the place of the “Patch Request” forum, and providing us an easier way to aggregate the fix requests and improving the bug nomination experience for you.

So next time you see a bug that’s bugging you, vote for it. Remember, every vote counts here :-).

One response to Your votes count here


    It looks pretty good, but there seem to be a few usability digressions as well.  It has been very awkward dealing with multiple bugs at once.  When checking to see whether a bug exists or not, it is *extremely* rare that I confidently find it in the first search.  Also, even when I have a specific bug number, I often have two or more bugs to look at simultaneously.  It used to be easy to open each bug in a new tab or browser window, then go back and modify the search or look at other bugs in the search… the javascript way of managing makes this very cumbersome now.

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