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sugarcrmdevelopers —  June 3, 2011 — 1 Comment

SugarCRM Room at php|tek

Last week myself and a few members of our engineering team had the distinct pleasure of attending the php|tek conference in Chicago, IL. The conference was first for us in many ways. For us as company, it was the first time we have sponsored an event like this in developer community, as we hope to continue doing this in an effort to increase our techincal awareness in the PHP and web development communities. And for many of the engineers, it was also a first for them to participate in a PHP community event like this, giving them all sorts of insight into the what’s up and coming in web development and PHP.

The conference itself was huge success, despite the setbacks thrown at it ( horrible weather causing numerous flight disruptions for attendees and speakers alike, as well as a two hour power outage mid-morning Thursday ). You could tell these guys know how to run a conference and how to “roll with the punches”, and that extends to the speakers as well. I was in a session when the power went out Thursday, and the speaker directed everyone to his slides online and kept on with the talk in the dark; this to me is a sign of the professionalism and resourcefulness that the speaker lineup has.

As a company, our goal in sponsoring the event was to increase the technical awareness of SugarCRM within the PHP community, as well as looking to recruit for the many job openings we have as we are growing the company. From the initial feedback I’ve got from attendees we’ve hit those goals successfully, and have garnered new interest in what we are doing and why developers should be a part of it. I’m looking to continue this momentum with more conferences this year, including a big presence we’ll have at OSCON ( more news coming soon on that front ).

I want to thank the entire php|tek team for their welcoming and helpful nature, namely Keith, Marco, and Cal ( and sorry we didn’t hire you a few years back 😉 ) for all your help in making the sponsorship a reality. We hope to run again next year.

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