Want to win an iPad 2? Then be a part of the SugarCRM bug fix contest!

sugarcrmdevelopers —  June 15, 2011 — 14 Comments

Want one of these? Then join in the SugarCRM Bug Fix contest!

For those of you who have those annoying bugs in SugarCRM that they’d love to have fixed once and for all, now’s your chance. We are holding a bug fix contest starting next week, and the person submitting the most number of bug fixes during that period will walk away with a brand new Apple iPad 2. If you come just short of that mark, we’ll also have 2nd and 3rd place prizes of $200 and $100 Apple Gift Cards.

All you need to do is submit fixes to bugs created before June 1st, 2011, which follow our coding guidelines and come with proper unit or functional tests, to our public GitHub repository between June 19th and July 2nd to qualify. You must also have a contribution agreement on file with us in order for your fixes to be accepted, which you can print off from here and sign and email back to me at jmertic@sugarcrm.com. And this contest is open to everyone who is not a SugarCRM employee, so any community member/partner/customer can join in the fun.

Check out the official rules here here for more information. And you can learn more about the contribution process from the video from this month’s community webinar.

14 responses to Want to win an iPad 2? Then be a part of the SugarCRM bug fix contest!


    “a contribution agreement” which you can print off and sign….where?

    Also, clue me in when you’re giving away an Android tablet (maybe an EE transformer?).  That just might be enough to get my attention.


    Is there a way to get a list of open workable bugs?


      I’m working with our internal apps team to make this easier, but right now just searching for bugs by keyword and looking for any one with the status of ‘New’ should work.


    is it only for public repo or also for partners repos?


    Let’s get serious for a moment….
    This contest is a great idea… anyway I’m doing my (hope) best on gitHub, just because :
    1) I’m having fun
    2) As a partner I want to improve (for what I can do) SugarCRM
    3) I strongly believe in OpenSource philosophy

    That said, let me try an “indecent proposal”… Apart the above mentioned prizes (that geeks like me always like), I guess it could be cool (???) to have the chance to win some SugarCRM’s black shirt… Something that say “ok, I did it something more-or-less good… I’m a bit part of the family”….

    My 2c



    another idea, this time non exactly for community (and actually not attached to this contest), even if can start from community.
    Why don’t start a “Certification Program”, to certify knowledge of SugarCRM. I’m thinking about a “consultant certification” and a “Developer Certification”.
    Everyone can become certified, paying a (small ?) fee for certification exams… 
    Then, partners MUST have at least one certified developer/consultant…. (one or more, depending on the partnership level).
    This way, end users are guaranteed when they choose a partner…..
    Certification should be attached to the single (dev or consultant) NOT on the partner. So, when a partner needs to hire new people, can search into the “certified list”…. Every certified Dev/Consultant should have some visibility in SugarCRM’s worldwide site.
    If one day You’ll choose to build up a certification program like this, prizes of contests could be also vouchers for certification exams…. (here You are : this is the link between my idea and this contest !!!!)

    Ciao – FabioG

    Margaret Vail June 28, 2011 at 4:44 pm


    This was posted on June 15th, 2011, but says in the description “All you need to do is submit fixes to bugs created before June 1st, 2011”. Is the date of June 1st, 2011 wrong?



      Hi Margaret.
      I guess dates are right… otherwise it would be too simple opening new bugs  and correct them….
      If You take a look at Bug Tracker You’ll find a bunch of bugs  (not a lot…) to work on…
      Ciao – FabioG

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