We're at the midpoint of the bug contest. Get your's in today!

sugarcrmdevelopers —  June 24, 2011 — 1 Comment

We are approaching the midpoint of the SugarCRM Community Bug Fix Contest, and the entries have been slowly trickling in this week. I know everyone has that one annoyance, bug, or issue they’ve reported that they would love to be fixed once and for all, and now it’s your chance to do so and possibility win an iPad or an Apple gift card for it.

I’ve had a few questions come to me about the contest and contributing in general, so let me address them here:

What is this Contribution Agreement you speak of? And how do I complete it?

It is just an agreement to let us know the code comes from you, and you authorize it to be a part of the SugarCRM project. To complete it, just print it out, sign it, scan it, and email it to jmertic@sugarcrm.com.

How do I get setup with Github to contribute bug fixes?

There’s a wiki page on the sugarcrm_dev wiki that details the entire process

I can fix bugs but don’t know how to write test? Help!

There’s videos and other information on writing PHPUnit tests and SODA tests on the wiki. If you are new to testing and would like some help getting started, feel free to send in your bug fix even and let us know in the comments that you would like some help on getting started with it. It can be a small learning curve to get started, but once you get going you’ll have no problems building tests ( and you may even enjoy it; I know I do 🙂 )

How can I find bugs to fix?

Search in the SugarCRM bug tracker for bugs with a status of ‘New’.

I’m a SugarCRM partner, can I join in to?

Yes, it is open to all Sugar Community members ( which includes partners, customers, and anyone else using or developing on SugarCRM ). For partners in the Open+ Partner Developer Program, you can do your bug fixes against the Mango repository as normal and they will count towards the contest.


Hopefully, this covers the most commonly asked questions so far. If you have any others, feel free to sound off in the comments, ask us on Twitter, or email me at jmertic@sugarcrm.com. Thanks everyone for your support and participation!


One response to We're at the midpoint of the bug contest. Get your's in today!


    May I give You a piece of advice ?
    Next time round, give us more time to “compete”….

    This time round You gave us – more or less – 2 weeks…. Since we use to work on SUgarCRM for our customers, maybe You catch us in a bad moment, when we have to work day and night (….), and we don’t have so much time for adjusting the core….

    Maybe You could do the opposite : ALWAYS keep an eye on all of us, then, every quarter or so, decide who was “the best” or “the more productive” or (why not ?) “the worst” of the last period….

    So we would be ALWAYS more productive as possible, even if we go through heavy loads periods….

    Ciao – FabioG

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