HOWTO: Hide the create button added in 6.2

sugarcrmdevelopers —  June 30, 2011 — 2 Comments

In 6.2 we added a nice usability feature that has a icon to create a record for a module on all pages of that module. If you aren’t as fond of such an button appearing on your module’s pages, you can hide it globally using a small piece of custom CSS, as pointed out by forums poster

span.utils a.utilsLink {


You can also disable it on a pre-view basis as well. If you are using MVC-style views ( meaning your view code is a class in the views/ directory of your module ), change the call to getModuleTitle() to pass a false as the first argument.  If you are using classic views ( meaning the view is a procedural PHP file in the root of the module directory ), then alter the getClassicModuleTitle() function to pass a false as the third argument. Here’s what both calls would be:

// For MVC Views

// For classic views
getClassicModuleTitle('modulename', array('breadcrumb1','breadcrumb2'), false);

This same technique can be used to hide the ‘Print’ and ‘Help’ links in previous versions of SugarCRM.

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