SugarCRM 6.2.1 with InsideView

sugarcrmdevelopers —  July 18, 2011 — 7 Comments

Last week marked the release of the first patch release of the Sugar 6.2, which came with several useful fixes around upgrade issues found in Sugar 6.2. It’s definitely a recommended upgrade for everyone running Sugar 6.2 or earlier, but it’s not the only reason why you should upgrade to Sugar 6.2.1.

Sugar 6.2.1 adds built-in integration to InsideView with all editions of SugarCRM ( including Community Edition ). This is service is free for all users, bringing these great features:

  • Get comprehensive, up-to-date business information on your Accounts, Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities from over 25,000 sources
  • Find more qualified leads
  • Engage opportunities effectively and accelerate closing
  • Build account relationships and increase up-sells and renewals
  • Track companies and get automatic sales trigger alerts

And if you are looking for more data, deeper triggers and social network integration, and import/export capabilities, you can upgrade to CRM+ for Sugar ( an edition created specifically for SugarCRM users ) or InsideView PRO. You can upgrade right inside the product, as well as take a 14 day trial of InsideView PRO to see what it can do for your sales team. And as a special offer to SugarCRM customers, sign up for InsideView Pro before December 31st and save 50% off your InsideView subscription through SugarCRM ( check out here to learn more ).

We also made some interesting platform changes to add this integration into the product, which we will talk about on this blog later this week.

7 responses to SugarCRM 6.2.1 with InsideView

    Richard Cantin July 28, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    It looks like the paid version would be useful but the free version is not worth the screen real estate to me.

    How do I remove InsideView so it does not show when I look at the DetailView of


    We’re utilizing Sugar CRM on demand, when will this upgrade take place?


    Its showing as disabled in my connector settings but still showing up on the account, client tabs. Any ideas on how to fix this?


    Dear John,

    I am using SugarCE . My marketing person demand his Preferred country now Come as “US” but

    need to change it as “Australia”. Do it can done in SugarCRM itself . Please advise , I cannot find any

    option in CRM.



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