HOWTO: Add custom styling to a field on a DetailView

sugarcrmdevelopers —  July 19, 2011 — 8 Comments

Editor’s Note: Picked this tip from the blog of Angel Magafia, author of Implementing SugarCRM 5.x (Packt Publishing – Sept 2010) and a highly proflific Sugar Community member.

Want to make something stand out on the DetailView of your records? Here is a quick way of doing that: add some CSS styling to it.

The best part is that it is very simple to apply this effect.  In order to apply styling to a value (say, to make it show up in red) for a field named interest_c, add the following line to the field’s definition array in detailviewdefs.php stored in custom/modules/Contacts/metadata

'customCode' => '<span style="color: red">{$fields.interest_c.value}</span>',


8 responses to HOWTO: Add custom styling to a field on a DetailView


    Nice solution but how does it work for checkboxes?


    This method does not work. In any case, I failed. Can decipher where the variable is taken and the field.
    I look like this:

    ‘customCode’ => ‘{$GLOBALS.app_list_strings.industry_dom.ne_podkluchen}’,

    after the function field is not displayed.

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