And the bug contest votes are in….

sugarcrmdevelopers —  July 21, 2011 — 7 Comments

We finished up the first ever Sugar Community Bug Contest last month, and I must say it was quite a success. The contest brought in over 25 bug fixes in the areas of upgrade-safe customizations, user interface fit and finish, and additional functionality to the core product. The fixes that came in will be part the upcoming 6.2.3 and 6.2.4 release, as well as several features targeted towards 6.5. Thanks to all who contributed and participated in the contest!

And with no further ado, here are the winners of the contest:

1st place ( and iPad winner ) – Fabio Grande, who is a developer for Poker SpA, an Italian bronze partner and spoke this past April at SugarCon

2nd place ( $200 Apple gift card winner ) – Jason Eggers, a prolific Sugar Community member who has built such notable addons such as SecuritySuite and Auto Refresh Dashlets ( which was included as a part of Sugar 6.2 )

3rd place ( $200 Apple gift card winner – Matt Poer, lead developer for Profiling Solutions, an Atlanta based gold partner.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the contest and congratulations to the winners!

7 responses to And the bug contest votes are in….


    “And the winner is…”
    When then you hear your own name, your heartbeat stops for a while, until the brain starts saying : “Hey downthere… it’s you… it’s really you !”

    I’m not used to be a contest-winner, and since this prize comes not (not only) for luck, but (also) for something I did (more or less well), well, I’m “$happy = pow($happy, 2)” !!!!

    My congrats to the other winners (Jason and Matt) and a “Thank You” to SugarCRM, that made this funny (and useful) contest possible.

    Finally, let me send a very big “THANK YOU” to John (Mertic) for his patience (he helped me – and many of You, I bet ! – moving my first steps on gitHub) and for the hard (and good) work he’s doing for this Community (= for all of us !). John is a Rockstar (if You weren’t at last SugarUnCON, You can’t understand – sorry !).

    This is the end…. of the beginning !


      Thank you Fabio for the very kind words. You have made some amazing contributions to SugarCRM, and we all here at Sugar are quite grateful of the contributions you have made. Thanks for being part of the community!


    Congratulations to Fabio who submitted a ton of great stuff! It was well deserved!

    It was fun watching the pull requests come through…unfortunately I watched the wrong branch!

    To reiterate what Fabio said John has been awesome throughout this process from setting this up to being patient with us as we figure out how to contribute the Sugar way to working hard to help us tie the loose ends to get our submissions accepted.

    We appreciate everything you are doing John!


    P.S. If there is a next time it would be great to be able to have a list of bugs that need to be done. Going through the bug tracker is hit and miss as we have to guess if it falls in line with the product direction and if it really is an accepted bug. Other issue is that there really aren’t many bugs (kudos to the Sugar team!). Most, if not all, were feature requests which seem to be a bit out of scope.


      IMHO would be great to have RSS on Bug Tracker…. This way we don’t have to search for new/open bugs, but it’s up to them looking for us !!!!!!

      Another (little) improvement could be adding somewhere a note saying “ok, i’m going to work on it”… So we won’t waste time in two (or more) fixing the same bug…. Maybe, a new note attached on the bug would be enough….

      Ciao – FabioG

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