Inline Editing in the Reports Module in 6.3

sugarcrmdevelopers —  August 11, 2011 — 6 Comments

A hidden feature in the 6.3 release is the ability to inline edit some field types that are displayed in Reports.  Inline editing can be enabled for the following field types: name, enum and currency.  This functionality can be enabled by adding the following parameter to config_override.php:

 $sugar_config['enable_inline_reports_edit'] = true;

After this parameter has been added to the config file, any reports that contain the supported field types in the display columns will have an edit (pencil) icon beside them.  Clicking on the icon will enable the field to be editable.  Clicking away from the field will cause the edit to persist.

6 responses to Inline Editing in the Reports Module in 6.3


    I’m unable to find the file config_override.php can anyone tell the complete path?


    I see in developer documentation that the feature is available in: Flavors: CE, Pro, Corp, Ent, Ult
    I am trying to enable in CE unsuccessfully.

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