SugarTip – Wild Card Search

sugarcrmdevelopers —  September 30, 2011 — 6 Comments

This week SugarCRM Gold Partner EnableIT SugarUK‘s Mike Gee gives details of how you can enhance the search capabilities of SugarCRM from an end-user perspective.

Normally, when performing a search for the text you have entered in SugarCRM, the system by default will look for that text at the start of the field. Using the wild card, the percent symbol (%), at the beginning of your text will make SugarCRM search for that piece of text anywhere within the whole field.

Entering ‘mor‘ in the search field would give results such as Morgan, Morris and Mortimer
Entering ‘%mor‘ would also include Claymore, Humorous and Immoral in the results.

The wild card can also be used in the Global Search box (top right of your Sugar window) to search for the string in any of the selected modules.

This tip was originally posted on the SugarUK Blogs where you can find a whole host of other useful SugarCRM tips.

6 responses to SugarTip – Wild Card Search


    Another useful wildcard is the underscore _.  It can be used to reference exactly one character.  So if you want to search for all leads that have a phone number, you can search for _ and it will return only records with phone numbers, or maybe you want anyone with at least 7 digit phone number so you can use 7 underscores in a row.  


    Anyone know how to change this back to normal so you don’t have to type in % every time you do a search? Who decided this was a good idea anyways? You don’t have to search this way in SFDC, or on Google, or anywhere else.


    Is there a way to force a certain field NOT to have the default wildcard? We have a customer number on Contacts and want exact search. No wildcards added. Thanks.

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