Post-Octoberfest Sprinting in Munich

sugarcrmdevelopers —  October 10, 2011 — 3 Comments

Last December we had the first gathering of the SugarCRM Open+ Developer Community in Munich, which was a great experience in bringing together the developers from our top partner in Europe for a week of great coding and community between the partner developers and our technical teams at Sugar. This has lead to the beginning of a vibrant developer community, with many new bug fixes and features coming from our community developer network.

In the spirit of open source, we want to push this further. We want to unify all our developers together so they can be more in touch with the engineers at Sugar, as well as other partners, so all can learn and benefit from each other’s experiences in building an ecosystem for application development. And what better way to do this than thru a code sprint, where we can all innovate together to make the Sugar platform even stronger than before.

The theme of this sprint was ‘Fit and Finish’, meaning we wanted to focus on areas of the product that have rough edges or maybe have a use case that isn’t well addressed. Out of this came a huge list of ideas, and in the end we had 5 teams turnout amazing projects that we are hoping to see being rolled into a future version of SugarCRM. They included:

  • Getting rid of the fields_meta_data table, which stores the field definitions for all custom fields in the product. This will make it easier to manage a Sugar instance thru version control since all the field definitions will be in vardef files rather than having some of them stored in the database itself.
  • Adding a new permission for explicitly controlling Merging records.
  • The ability to create new user templates, to help set the default preferences ( including homepage layout ) for a user or a group of users easily.
  • Integrate the dompdf library into Sugar, which in turn enables users to build PDF templates ( such as those used for Quotes ) using HTML rather than odd looking PHP code.
  • Enabling Summation Reports to be exported to a CSV file, as well as allowing Reports to be published to a URL in JSON, XML, or CSV format.
  • Making the Report contents ( not the chart, but the actual data ) be available as a Dashlet on the home screen.
  • Allowing Mass Update of the assigned user of the parent record to all it’s child related records.

I want to thank all the developers who attended the sprint, including Manolo Fernandez, Oscar Molinillo, Emil Kilhage, Jonas Odencrants, Cedric Mourizard, Antonio Maddalena, Marco Disco, Diego Goretti, Holger Nordmeyer, Filipe Guerra, João Morais, Fabio Grande, Lars Blockken, Sven Anders, Andy Main, and Mashud Ahmed for taking the time out of their busy week for coding, community, and a great time. I also want to thank all the EMEA team, especially Peter Niemeyer, Anki Strigl, Christine Pfisterer, and Tom Schuster, who all helped coordinate everything locally for all of the attendees.

I look forward to our next sprint in January, details to be announced here soon.

3 responses to Post-Octoberfest Sprinting in Munich


    Are the results of this sprint public?  They sound amazing.  And none of them seem to be in sugar 6.4 or on the 6.5 release 😦


      We are still reviewing them to get them into a release; they made it a bit too late as both 6.4 and 6.5 had been internally feature frozen by then. But we hope to get some of them out there soon!

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