Support and versioning updates for SugarCRM plugins

sugarcrmdevelopers —  October 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

We released the latest version of the Outlook plugin a few weeks ago, and this has marked a change in the versioning and support for the plugins going forward. Since we will now be releasing plugins independent of core product releases, this gives us the opportunity to simplify the versioning scheme and support matrix.

The changes are:

  • The versioning scheme going forward will reflect the month and year of release instead of a SugarCRM version number. This will help eliminate confusion on version number mismatches between the plugins and the core product, and better reflects that the released version of the plugin works with all currently supported versions of Sugar.
  • We will end of life support for the previous version of a plugin when a new plugin version is released. So now that the October 2011 release of the Outlook plugin is out, previous versions are no longer support. This version will be support until the next version comes out in the next few months.

This policy will be true across all current plugins, namely:

  • Sugar Plug-in for Outlook – version October 2011
  • Sugar Plug-in for Word – version 6.1.0
  • Sugar Plug-in for Excel – version 6.1.0
  • Sugar Plug-in for IBM Lotus Notes – version August 2011

As always, the latest version of the plugin for your version of SugarCRM is available right inside the product in your User Profile. Just click on your username at the top of the screen to access your user profile, then click on the ‘Downloads’ tab to see which plugins are available for you.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know at

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