November 2011 SugarForge POTM is iCal Patch

Matthew Marum —  November 1, 2011 — 1 Comment

November 2011 is here, and we’ve found a great project to be this month’s SugarForge POTM. That project is iCal Patch, which adds the ability to connect to the Sugar Calendar using the iCal standard from any compatible device or application. You can read in the interview with project lead Ray Gauss II, and check out other projects he’s done on SugarForge.

Congratulations to Ray on his project’s selection. We are looking to find more great projects to highlight, so feel free to let us know in the comments or message us on Twitter with the project you’d like to see us honor next.

Matthew Marum


Matt is the Director of Developer Advocacy for SugarCRM. Previously he was an Engineer on Sugar 7 and a Solutions Architect for the OEM program. He is also an avid trail runner, Boston Marathon qualifier and a karaoke aficionado.

One response to November 2011 SugarForge POTM is iCal Patch


    If you need to go one step further (looking to create activity from your agenda software) have a look at what Opacus did, for only 99$ a year, it might be very useful

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