SugarCRM 6.3 "The Community Release" comes out today

sugarcrmdevelopers —  November 9, 2011 — 3 Comments

As you read this ( or shortly thereafter ) SugarCRM 6.3 will be out in GA form. For us this is a special release as we have mentioned before, where we are focusing on adding value to all editions of the product, especially the community edition. Here’s a small sample of what every user of Sugar gains with this release:

  • Enhanced Importing, with a redesigned wizard that can be launched from the admin panel and an API for enabling integration with cloud data providers.
  • The ability to completely rename a module throughout the app from one screen
  • More control over Activities handling during Lead conversion
  • The ability to control the Mass Update feature specifically thru the ACL ( thanks to a contribution from Synolia on this )
  • An faster UI thanks to using AJAX to load the views rather than full page reloads
  • More enhancements to our EXT framework, making it easier to add upgrade-safe customizations to Sugar

What’s also amazing is that all of these enhancements came from the innovations of code contributions to Sugar from the community, or thru one of the code sprints we have ran over the past year. Code sprints have been a great experience for both our community and the Sugar technical teams. Though them, our technical teams have learned more about how people are using Sugar out in the field, while for those attendees coming from the community they have got great insight to how we develop Sugar. And in the end, the benefits come entirely to every user of Sugar worldwide, gaining a more stable product that makes them more productive everyday.

Sugar Community, this is more than a release just dedicated to you. It’s a release of the community, by the community, and for the community. Download now and enjoy!

3 responses to SugarCRM 6.3 "The Community Release" comes out today


    Thanks for the great work. I noticed that 6.3.0 includes a new SugarField – html – but for some reason there is no EditView template, is this a bug or have I misunderstood the purpose of the field?

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