Making Listview Additional Details Icon Useful

sugarcrmdevelopers —  December 19, 2011

The More Details icon on a SugarCRM ListView is an often-overlooked feature because, by default, it’s not terribly useful to most end-users. Typically, mousing over this icon reveals a record’s secondary mailing address, a second email address, and perhaps some extra phone numbers.

listview details icon

In our experience, if a record’s information is important enough to be available via a list-view, then the data goes into the listview (or at least becomes “available” for the user to place into the listview via Advanced Search). So we decided to do some digging for a recent client to see if we could make the icon more useful.

And we did.

The customer wanted a quick way of seeing recent activities: Calls, Notes and Emails. That is a chunk of useful information that would definitely be too big to actually place into a column on the list view. This would be perfect to take the place of some Additional Details.

Here’s the end result:

listview details activities

In doing this project, we identified the way Sugar generates this data and found something exciting: virtually anything can be placed in the generated Additional Details window. In this example we’re pulling related activity data, but it could just as easily be any other related data or API calls to 3rd party systems.

Can you think of a better use of this functionality? What would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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