Schedule a Meeting in Sugar, Sync to Outlook

sugarcrmdevelopers —  December 29, 2011

View your Lead, Contact, Account, etc, as you normally would within SugarCRM. Look for the Activities subpanel and click “Schedule Meeting”

Lead and Activitie DetailView

Fill in the details of the meeting and click Save.

Entering a Meeting

Once saved, the subpanel will display the information in list format.

Activity Subpanel Meeting

Now open your Outlook and your Calendar. Look for the SugarCRM Toolbar and click Sync to Sugar. Alternatively, this can be found on the Add-Ins tab of the Menu Ribbon (or in the Actions drop-down in older versions of Outlook).

Outlook Before

Outlook will check the connection, authenticate and ultimately synchronize calendar events.

OPI Checking Connection

OPI Sycning

The event will be copied into Outlook, where it can be modified as desired and rendered in the Outlook calendar.

Outlook After